Volusia's City

Volusia’s city is a giant crystalline city jutting out of the ground. It is the seat of the empire.


Volusia’s City sits in the middle of the Great Plains. Thought it was always in the path of the river powerful spells have diverted the river through the city and every crystal is wrapped in the river. The river eventually flows out of the city opposite the way it came and on its original path.

Notable Locations

The capital city is host to many important locations.

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace floats above the city, the only location to do so. It has been shaped out of the crystal. Several high ranking members of the family Mendexi live here with the empress. It is accessible by river which floats in an elegant double helix to the palace.

The Grand Bazaar

Where the Royal Palace sat before it was raised is the largest flat area in the city. For hundreds of years this has served as the cities only open air marketplace. Goods both legitimate and illegitimate can be acquired and traded here.

In The center of the grand bazaar there is a human size statue of Lenox cast in the same crystal as the city. This is actually Lenox according to legend after he shaped himself into crystal.

Volusia's City

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