The Glorious Empire of Mendex

The Empire was said to have begun with the family Mendexi. The Legend of the Sealing has it that 1000 years ago they fought away the interlopers and sealed the world so that they might never again impose their will on mankind. The Mendexi then set about uniting mankind.

Pre-Game Status

All of known Balendin is currently under their rule, though they rarely bother to enforce their rule outside of the seven great cities. Only the Barbarian tribes openly defy them. Though the Mendexi have eliminated most of their they left a few tribes as a reminder to the world what life without civilization is like.



The empire is solidified by a core mageocracy. Though technically the most powerful mage is the ruler of the Empire no one except those from the family Mendexi has ever held the throne. The other four families have political sway and hold a sort of authority over their own territories, but are ultimately answerable to the empire and thus the family Mendexi.

City Life

City dwelling citizens of the empire are most often magic users. Arcane magic makes the world run. Art, food and even the cities themselves are the result of shaping and transmutation magics. Elemental are often kept as servants and force to perform tasks such as being used as a forge fire, churning sewage, and delivering mail and messages.

Life Outside the Cities

Outside the city walls life is less pleasant. There is relatively little magic as most magic user flock to the cities. Many people aren’t even considered citizen and can be called upon by imperial officers to perform a task to ‘earn their citizen’. Failure to do so means instant execution, though this is sometime preferable to the messy death the task likely entails.

People outside the cities generally resent the empire, but are entirely to afraid to do anything about it. The empire has rebuffed every barbarian attack and dealt with every disaster for years, but their superior attitude nullifies any love they might earn from this.

The Glorious Empire of Mendex

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