Legend of the Sealing

The Legend

In prehistory the world of Balendin was a world in turmoil. Interlopers of great power walked the continent of Mendex fighting each other and using men to their own ends. The power of the interlopers was such that, on a whim, they would tear in half a mountain to walk by unhindered or raise one to block the sun from their eyes. The lives of men were short meaningless and brutish. No sooner would something like civilization spring up then it would be destroyed by an interloper who opposed it. It was time when men could dream of nothing but serving the interlopers and serve them they did. For the interlopers, the brave men fought and the weaker men worked.

Thus, it was a woman who put an end to it. Volusia watched mankind devouring itself around her and dreamed of something better. Volusia dreamed of a world where men would be masters of their own destinies. Though her own town had been destroyed she walked Mendex and gathered others who had been displaced. Around herself she gathered a new family and their loss made them strong.

Soon Volusia’s new family was large and the Interlopers began to fear and respect them. They schemed to destroy Volusia’s family and sent strong men to kill her and bring her chained to their feet. Very nearly Volusia’s crusade ended there, but when the leader, named Lenox, of the men sent to kill her looked on her he saw he could not kill her and instead summoned powerful magics taught to him by the interlopers and killed his comrades.

Though he and his comrades had slain much of Volusia’s family in her mercy she pardoned him though she had a premonition and warned him that in time his actions would cause him such grief that he would wish she had killed him. Lenox taught Volusia the magics that the Interlopers had taught him. He was one of the greatest of his kind but he found that Volusia learned quickly and surpassed him.

Volusia’s followers were soon all adepts and the interlopers wouldn’t dare threaten her. Volusia crafted the magic of tattoos and with it she guarded her people against the interlopers. Lenox and Volusia’s followers were happy and worked the first works of art and joy the world had known, but Volusia’s heart was still troubled. She knew that in time she and Lenox would die and in death they could not protect the settlement that they had built. Though she took Lenox as husband and birthed Nona called Prima, always she searched for new magics. One day Volusia called the seven greatest mages of the town and with them embarked out onto the plains. They arrived at a spot that that Volusia had prepared. In the middle of the plains was a great circle made of stones five miles in every direction.

Volusia promised her followers that today they would banish the interlopers from the world and walked around them blessing each one with words of truth of their future. Volusia named them Mendex that her family might always be known. When she reached Lenox she had no words and he knew from the tears in her eyes that the grief she had forewarned him would soon come. As Volusia led them in a ritual to banish the interlopers from the world they felt her rising magics of the rituals. Six great interlopers came and each did battle with one of the great mages that Volusia had brought. Only Lenox and Volusia remained casting the ritual and then the Seventh and greatest of interlopers came. It had been Lenox’s master and recognized Lenox. Lenox turned to face it and their battle set alight all the plains. Volusia alone continued the ritual. The battles of the others raged about her, but still Volusia carried on and as day turned to night she completed the ritual.

The interlopers all the world over vanished and Volusia was bathed in a pure blue light. Lenox touched her but when he did his hands burnt to ash. Volusia told the others that she and Lenox would soon die, but to bring their people back to this spot. The mages left and Volusia raised the first city from the ground made of pure crystals that her people might have a home. With this last virtuous action Volusia had spent the last of her life force. Lenox began to see her fading and cried out realizing this was the grief that Volusia had spoken of. Volusia spoke comfort to him as long as she could, but soon she was gone. Lenox’s grief was so powerful that he performed the second act of shaping magic and even without hands transformed himself into a crystal statue on the spot, that he might always be where his wife once created a better world for man. To this day the Statue of Lenox weeps in the center of Volusia’s city.


Most believe that the legend is a myth that symbolizes the defeat of the powerful mage lords whose constant destructive warring was preventing the rise of civilization. The family Mendexi are firm believers in the truth of the legend but allow that corruption over time is likely to have occurred as the legend predates the written word.

Legend of the Sealing

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