Mendex Era

0 – Events of the Legend of the Sealing occur. Interlopers vanish from the world. Volusia’s City is raised and shaped. Nona named ruler of the city and given the name Prima. Refugees flock to Volusia’s City and are received.

5 – Despite being only 15 Prima shapes the great chasm around Volusia’s City to ward against invasions by Barbarian Tribes and other rivals.

7 – The House of Remembrance founded outside Volusia’s City.

12 – The Novius shape their city Narfyn out of the aspen forest with natural magics. Declare themselves a kingdom.

25 – The House of Remembrance invents a basic writing system.

100 – Novius armies raid Mendexi settlements. The Shapers’ War begins.

101 – The Mendexi raise the mountains to prevent further attacks. Novius shapers shape secret passes and tunnels through the mountains, but lacks the skill in stone shaping to completely remove the mountains.

105 – Novius shapers blight the plains outside Volusia’s City, shaping the plants into barren versions of themselves. The Mendexi Respond by shaping away as many of the Novius rivers as possible and diverting them to the city.

106 – Council of the Dying Land is held. The Empress Loressa and Shaper King of Narfyn, meet in a mountain pass and agree to terms that restrict shaping to the battle field.

114 – The Battle of Narfyn. Shaper King of Narfyn killed. His infant son, Aarlin, and highest ranking officers who will turncoat are adopted as Mendexi, beginning the tradition of adoption in families. Narfyn absorbed into the empire.

119 – Aarlin betrothed to Princess Melianna Mendexi, the next heir to the throne. Citizens of former Narfyn lands outraged.

128 – Narfyn rebels. Aarlin abducted by Novius rebels. Empress Loressa assassinated. Melianna leads attempts to reclaim her betrothed.

129 – Aarlin joins Narfyn rebels and fights against Melianna’s armies. Narfyn uses combined shaping to seed Mendexi lands with forests, swallowing settlements whole. The whole court of Narfyn, excepting Aarlin, dies overnight and Melianna capture Narfyn the next day. Aarlin and his rebels, hide in mountains.

132 – Aarlin’s rebellion fades after years of being hunted. Aarlin is captured, tortured, and brought to Melianna. Aarlin is forced to marry her, but stabs her and himself on the wedding night ending the direct Mendexi line. Family Mendex meets and chooses the new Empress by consent (who takes the name Nelianna in respect to Melianna).

133 – Nelianna organizes remains of Novius into a family and declares them legitimate in exchange for several arranged marriages in the highest Novius families to Mendexi. Gives Narfyn seats in Volusia’s Council, an advising body, (most of which are filled by forced marriage families) and makes the council the electors of the next Empress. In so doing restores order to Narfyn.

227 – Excess undeclared merchant/scholar/mages organize into the Sentius. Requests permission to create their own family. The Empress offers them the chance if they can take enough land to be a kingdom from the barbarians, sure they will fail. The Sentius hire barbarians to incite infighting and lead armies against each other.

231 – Infighting among the barbarians leave most of them dead. Sentius claim lands between the Great Desert and the Great Mountains as their own and raise Varina, the City of Glass, on the edge of the desert. Empress reluctantly grants them recognition as a family.

483 – Magic and craft relating to creation of homunculi discovered and almost immediately banned. A secret society, called the Brotherhood of the Varius, named after the first homunculi Varius forms among the Sentius to study these new secrets, and spreads to other interested members of other families. Creation of homunculi continues to be forbidden.

532 – Massive investigation discovers large portions of the Volusia’s Council to be members of the Brotherhood of Varius, just before an election. A large conspiracy to place a puppet empress on the throne is uncovered. Discovered members are banished from the Empire. Several large group flee to the islands south of the Empire.

617 – Volusia’s Council rescind ban on creation of homunculi, as outside the empire the Varius are doing it quite a bit and it seems much more harmless than originally thought. All imperial attempts to create a homunculi fail or are sabotaged.

632 – Exactly 100 years after the banishment of the Brotherhood of Varius, the exiles raise Nithrine and several lesser towers, called dark spires, on other islands and in coastal cities of their creation. They claim and declare themselves the Vari family. They petition for acceptance in the Empire. Volusia’s Council overwhelming votes acceptance, as several are secret members of the brotherhood and many other fear the hordes of homunculi that might be militarized. The Empress grants the Family legitimacy and allows legitimacy for one year to anyone who defects from a family to the Vari if they accept a Mendexi tattoo preventing them from sharing their old families secrets. Most takes this.

633 – The one year grace period for Vari defectors ends. The Empress order remaining members of the Brotherhood of Varius purged from the ranks of existing, non-Vari families with alarming violence and accuracy. While the Vari take exception to this, given their new status they quietly accept it rather than openly prevent it.

894 – Magical Runes discovered by Aldrid Sentius. He details the basics in his masterwork ‘Runes for Effectatious Storage and Release of Shaping Magics’.

909 – Galdion the Rejected (so named for failing to be accepted into any house) writes a thesis in an attempt to prove worth to the Sentius that suggests that Runes are not a shaping magic but just a magic. The paper and Galdion are rejected, though Aldrid himself reads and researches based on the paper.

925 – Aldrid Sentius claims to have designed an intricate Rune to create an sustain a volcanic city, but is too old to see the work done himself. Aldrid oversees a large party of Sentius and creates the volcanic city at the edge of the empire with permission. He petitions for his own family and is granted the request. His family is called Aldrid, and he takes the name ‘The Grey Prince’.

926 – The Grey Prince is killed by Galdion the Rejected who take his place at the head of the Aldrid family after proving that Aldrid’s work was based not on an act of shaping but on his research. Though there is no imperial interference, the name of the Family is not allowed to be changed from Aldrid, much to Galdion’s dismay.


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