Magic is highly central to the world of Balendin. Magic can do almost anything. The family Mendexi were said to have raised the Metropolitian capital of the empire out of the earth in a single day a tale which no one doubts the validity of and has been replicated several times.

Types of Magic


Arcane magics are allowed and practiced by almost every city dweller. Though arcanists practice outside city walls this is usually seen as foolish as social status and relation to magic are intricately tied.


Natural magics are very rare and frowned upon by the Empire. Few know that they are more than myth. True practitioners of the ‘Old Ways’ prize information about their ways and are known actively attack civilization without reason or explanation.


Only the most foolish believe in the divine magics. The oldest tales tell of a time before the empire when villains who would call the name of beings of power beyond that of the family Mendexi to dominate and control man. Supposedly, these powers were sealed when the family Mendexi sealed the world from all interlopers, but none take these children’s stories seriously.


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