Known classes


Barbarian tribes roam the plains. For the most part they avoid civilization as the rise of the Glorious Empire of Mendex has made it almost impossible for them to raid settlements. Technically they are all under the empire’s control and though few tribes accept this none are left that are willing to openly defy it.


True bards are a curiosity in Balendin. They are accepted as arcanist and allowed into cities, but are not allowed to join magical families (though they are hired by them often enough that some are honorary members).


Druids are hated and feared in Balendin. This is in no small part due to the fact some circles seem intent on destroying civilization wherever they find it. Druidic magic seems to steam from a source arcanists can’t understand and fear. Peaceful druids do their best to avoid cities since they are likely to be persecuted in them.


Fighters are generally looked down on by most members of society. The only ones that hold any sway in society are Eldritch Knights, who are allowed the privileges of lesser wizards. Regular fighters are rarely allowed into cities.


Monks in Balendin must have joined a monastic order before the age in their childhood. The majority never knew there parents. Monastic orders take the place of adoption in Balendin.


Rangers are quiet defenders of the outskirts of civilization. While the empire is more than willing to step in when blood is shed rangers quietly and thankless prevent the need. Rangers who make use of magic do so quietly to avoid attract attention. Few have ever been caught doing so and those that have were always accused of druid-craft and dealt with accordingly.


There are rogues in Balendin just like anywhere else, however their job is made much more difficult by the state of advanced magic in the world.


Sorcerers are poorly understood in Balendin. While they are allowed to join magical families they are generally looked down upon as less impressive than wizards. Some sorcerers hide the fact that they aren’t wizards.


Wizards are fairly common in Balendin. Most city dwellers are at least a low level wizards. A powerful or noble born wizard might belong to a magical family, or be a freelance wizard.


There are very few warlock in Balendin as most sources of their power are sealed away. The few that do arise are prosecuted viciously and then often studied and subjected to torment. A warlock might try to hide the fact that they are a warlock, attempting to pass for a wizard or sorcerer.

Unknown Classes


As there is no divine magic in Balendin there are no paladins.


As there is no divine magic in Balendin there are no clerics.


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